BATTLESHIP v1.3.7 APK + OBB (Full Game)

Version 1.3.7
Genre Board
APK File Size 166M
Last Update February ‎01, ‎2023
MOD Features Full Game
Publisher Marmalade Game Studio
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Battleship is a classic strategy game in which players try to sink each other’s ships by guessing the coordinates of their placement on a grid. The game can be played by two players on a physical board, or it can be played digitally on a computer or mobile device.

In the digital version of the game, players can download an app or APK (Android Package Kit) file to play on their Android device. The app usually includes a virtual board with grids for each player and a set of ships that can be placed on the board. Players take turns guessing the coordinates of their opponent’s ships and marking them on their own board. If a player hits a ship, they can continue guessing until they have sunk all of their opponent’s ships. The first player to sink all of their opponent’s ships is the winner.

In addition to the classic two-player mode, many digital versions of the game also include additional modes such as single-player challenges or online multiplayer options. These additional modes can provide a different challenge and add variety to the game.

Overall, Battleship is a fun and classic strategy game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. The digital version of the game, available as an APK for Android devices, offers a convenient and exciting way to play this classic game.

Updated: February 1, 2023 — 1:07 pm

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