Hide ‘N Seek! v1.9.17 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

Name Hide ‘N Seek!
Version 1.9.17
Genre Action
APK File Size 82M
Last Update ‎January ‎15, ‎2023
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Publisher Supersonic Studios LTD
Get it On Google Play Store

Hide ‘N Seek! is a multiplayer hide-and-seek game that can be played on Android devices. In this game, one player is designated as the “seeker” and the other players, known as “hiders,” must try to evade the seeker and remain hidden for as long as possible.

The game is played in a variety of different environments, including city streets, forests, and abandoned buildings, and players can choose from a variety of different characters to play as. The seeker is equipped with a flashlight and must search for the hiders, who can hide anywhere on the map. The hiders can also use a variety of power-ups, such as invisibility or speed boosts, to help them evade the seeker.

The MOD APK version of Hide ‘N Seek! may offer additional features or modifications to the gameplay, such as unlimited coins or unlocked characters. It is important to note that MOD APKs are not officially sanctioned by game developers and may be considered a form of cheating by some players. It is always a good idea to carefully research any MOD APKs before downloading them to ensure that they are safe and legitimate.

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