Mafia Inc. v0.31 APK + MOD (MENU/Money, God Mode)

Name Mafia Inc.
Version 0.31
Genre Simulation
APK File Size 83M
Last Update ‎January ‎27, ‎2023
MOD Features MENU/Money, God Mode
Publisher OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
Get it On Google Play Store

Mafia Inc. is a game that allows players to build and manage their own mafia gang. The gameplay is idle, meaning that players can leave the game running and their gang will continue to operate and earn money even when they are not actively playing.

In Mafia Inc., players start by establishing their gang in a small operation area. As they progress through the game, they will be able to open up new areas and expand their territory. To do this, players will need to hire and manage a team of capos, who will help them take over buildings and increase their control over the area.

As players build their mafia empire, they will also be able to upgrade their gang members and improve their abilities. This will allow them to take on tougher challenges and increase their income from various illegal activities.

Overall, Mafia Inc. is a game that combines idle gameplay with strategy and management elements. Players will need to carefully plan and execute their expansion efforts, while also balancing the needs of their gang and the risks of getting caught by the authorities.

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