STARENA v1.2.10 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, No ADS)

Version 1.2.10
Genre Action
APK File Size 800M
Last Update ‎January ‎04, ‎2023
MOD Features Unlimited Money, No ADS
Publisher Lemon Jam Studio
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In the world of mobile gaming, modded APKs and hacked versions of popular games have become increasingly common. One such game is STARENA, and its modded version, known as STARENA MOD APK, has gained a significant following among gamers.


ST ARENA MOD APK is a modified version of the original STARENA game, which has been altered to include various hacks and cheats. These modifications allow players to access unlimited resources, such as money and in-game currency, as well as other features that are not available in the original version of the game.

Is it legal to download and use STARENA MOD APK?

It is important to note that downloading and using modded APKs, such as STARENA MOD APK, is generally considered to be a violation of the game’s terms of service. Additionally, downloading and using pirated or cracked software is illegal in many countries. Therefore, it is not advisable to download and use STARENA MOD APK or any other modded APK.

Are there any risks associated with using STARENA MOD APK?

Using modded APKs, such as STARENA MOD APK, can also pose various risks to the user. These risks include:

The risk of malware: Modded APKs are often downloaded from third-party websites, which may not be reliable or secure. As a result, there is a risk of downloading malware or other malicious software along with the modded APK.

The risk of banning: Many online games, including STARENA, have strict policies against the use of hacks and cheats. If a player is caught using a modded APK, they may be banned from the game.

The risk of account suspension: In some cases, a player’s account may be suspended or terminated for using a modded APK. This can result in the loss of all progress made in the game and any in-game items or currency that the player has purchased or acquired.


While modded APKs, such as STARENA MOD APK, may seem like an attractive option for players looking to gain an advantage in their favorite games, it is important to consider the legal and security risks associated with their use. It is generally best to stick to the original version of the game and to play fairly.

Updated: January 18, 2023 — 12:12 pm

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