The House of Da Vinci 2 v1.0.6 APK + OBB (Full Game)

Name The House of Da Vinci 2
Version 1.0.6
Genre Puzzle
APK File Size 1.31 GB
Last Update ‎January ‎26, ‎2023
MOD Features Full Game
Publisher Blue Brain Games s.r.o.
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The House of Da Vinci 2 is a puzzle game set in the Renaissance era and inspired by the life and inventions of Leonardo da Vinci. In the game, players assume the role of Da Vinci’s apprentice and must solve puzzles and riddles to uncover the mysteries of the great inventor’s past.

As players progress through the game, they will have the opportunity to explore various locations and interact with objects and characters. They will need to use their logic and problem-solving skills to figure out how to progress, as well as manipulate and combine objects to solve puzzles.

One of the key features of The House of Da Vinci 2 is its realistic physics-based gameplay, which allows players to interact with objects in a way that feels true to life. This adds an extra layer of challenge to the game, as players must consider the real-world consequences of their actions.

In addition to the main puzzle-solving gameplay, The House of Da Vinci 2 also features a rich story that unfolds as players progress through the game. As players learn more about Da Vinci’s past, they will uncover secrets and mysteries that shed light on the inventor’s life and work.

Overall, The House of Da Vinci 2 is a challenging and engaging puzzle game that offers a unique blend of historical and scientific themes. Its combination of immersive gameplay and rich storytelling make it a must-play for fans of puzzle games and history alike.

Updated: January 26, 2023 — 2:32 pm

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